The Specialty Chemicals companies must be just that to all of their customers— specialists. They must expand their knowledge to each of their customers’ perspective industries. Selerant provides solutions that will allow Specialty Chemicals companies to successfully leverage their current knowledge base and analyze their products in their customers’ end applications.

“Selerant’s technical staff has proven to not only want to understand the purpose of the tool and how the customer wants to use it, but they work tirelessly in configuring it so that it does.”
Business Project Manager, S&P 500 Chemicals Company


  • Reduce costs and time-to-market with formula batching
  • Reduce costs and sample fulfillment timelines by leveraging the centralized formula database
  • Increase compliance with end application analysis
  • Increase quality standards with required task review gates
  • Generate compliance documentation with distribution log and automatic archival in the product portfolio
  • Increase visibility with automatic notifications, sample fulfillment tracking, customer feedback forms, and vendor collaboration
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