Selerant S.r.l. mission is to provide its customers with advanced IT solutions with high strategic and managerial content, supported by a design, implementation and assistance process aimed at identifying, understanding and meeting the Customer’s expectations in a timely manner.

Selerant S.r.l., in fact, places the Customer at the center of his activity so that the solutions and products supplied meet, and where possible anticipate, his needs.

The goal of Selerant S.r.l. is to transform the satisfaction of customers acquired into cognitive baggage to be used to expand their field of action.


  • in order to continuously improve the system and its effectiveness to implement procedures and processes aimed at the supply of a product and the provision of an excellent quality after-sales service
  • to consolidate the image of a quality, reliable, modern, competitive, participatory company, which protects the interest of the customer up to the end user, his staff and all interested parties
  • in order to become a point of reference on the international scene with regard to the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions aimed at managing the entire life cycle of the product

Selerant S.r.l. has adopted an Integrated Management System for The Quality and Safety of Information according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards that attests the company’s concrete commitment to continuous improvement and constitutes the reference for the identification and constant review of the objectives and results achieved by promoting the culture of prevention inside and outside the Company.

In order to achieve these important results and to fully achieve the objectives set,

the Management

  • monitors and reviews information concerning internal and external factors relevant to its strategic aims and guidelines and influencing its ability to achieve the expected results
  • identifies internal and external stakeholders relevant to SGQS and reviews information concerning those stakeholders and their relevant requirements
  • ensures the monitoring of business activities in all its parts according to objective and measurable parameters to identify opportunities for improvement of fundamental processes
  • defines annually the objectives and resources of its quality and safety system
  • promote awareness of the process approach and risk-based approach, with a focus on:
    1. real probability of an event happening.
    2. vulnerability of the object of the analysis, with respect to threatening events;
    3. preventive value of the countermeasures implemented;
    4. possibility of damage resulting from a potential safety incident;
    5. mitigative value of the harmful effects of the countermeasures implemented.
  • implements all the appropriate tools for the dissemination of the culture of improvement and innovation of all products, processes and services
  • is committed to spreading among its employees and collaborators the mentality of continuous improvement, in the belief that the Quality and Security of Information must be a goal shared by all company functions
  • undertakes to promote compliance with the three main objectives of information security with regard to:
    1. Availability: that is, ensure that authorized users have access to the associated information and assets when needed;
    2. (i.) to ensure that information is accessible only to  persons authorized to have access to it;
    3. Integrity: that is, to protect the accuracy and completeness of the information and the way in which it is treated.
  • assigns business functions and tasks based on everyone’s skills and experience and identifies areas of responsibility to stimulate improvement and consolidate collaborative relationships in order to create a serene working environment aimed at achieving common goals;
  • is committed to developing the professionalism of the staff and the full understanding and active implementation of company policy through continuous training and training;
  • undertakes to implement, or strengthen, tools aimed at more effective communication and to create adequate information channels internally and externally, in particular towards Customers and Suppliers, recognizing internal and external communication towards all interested parties as a driving factor for achieving the objectives;
  • undertakes to comply with the applicable legislation, both as regards the quality of the service provided and for the assurance of higher standards of information security;
  • is committed to ensuring strict compliance with binding rules and laws, such as T.U. 81/08 and EU Regulation 2016/679;
  • undertakes to document, implement, maintain active, communicate and make accessible to all the policy of quality and information security;
  • is committed to respecting and enforcing the internal procedures for the secure management of assets and business data by all company personnel.

The Company Management believes that such a program represents a concrete response to the growing needs of Quality and Safety of information required by the market that allows Selerant  S.r.l. to continue to think about the future with serenity and trust and that can create a virtuous circle that produces positive effects also externally, generating a vector of social and economic development in the territory.

Cassina de’ Pecchi,  14  December  2020