The Personal Care industry faces growing demands from consumers and increasing compliance legislations from government agencies. Personal Care companies need to quickly respond to the current trends, ensure product safety, increase efficacy, profitability and acceptance in an already competitive market.

Selerant provides solutions that improve new product success rates with greater collaboration, leveraging formulations in a centralized database, visualizing product portfolios, and complying with government legislations.

“81% of surveyed Selerant customers have seen a 41-60% or higher improvement in collaboration since using Devex.”

Devex Benefits for Personal Care

  • Raise visibility to the ideation of new products.
  • Quickly respond to regulatory requirements- CGMP and 21CFT Part 11 Compliance.
  • Reduce time-to-market with rapid prototyping to meet targets.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging the centralized formula database.
  • Increase compliance with product development regulatory analysis and views.
  • Reduce costs by integrating packaging specifications into the development process.
  • Generate compliance documentation with distribution log and automatic archival in the product portfolio.
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