Regulatory Compliance

Government agencies are not the only aspect to consider when assessing regulatory compliance.  Customer brand loyalty can be driven by many aspects, but one clear factor is safety and compliance with regulatory legislation.

Non-compliance can result in damaged brand reputation, hefty fines, costly recalls, lengthy delays.  But many companies struggle with how to effectively adapt to a continually evolving set of legislations.

“A recent survey shows that regulatory compliance is the main catalyst for addressing corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues in the supply chains of global organizations.”

Source: Gartner, Survey Analysis:  Corporate Social Responsibility Emerges as Source of Growth and Innovation Strategy for Supply Chain by Pam Fitzpatrick, April 2015

Fortunately, compliance can be simplified while adding significant control, visibility, and proactive capabilities. Selerant has dedicated resources and developed regulatory compliance software longer than any other product lifecycle management provider— since 1990.

“77% of surveyed Selerant customers improved regulatory compliance by 41-60% or more by using DevEX.”


  • Improve compliance with capability to analyze products on future compliance issues
  • Ensure products are still compliant as legislations change
  • Improve compliance by managing multiple countries as a single group, using the strictest rules as the guidelines (ex: Europe instead of Germany, Spain, etc.)
  • Reduce validation time with continual compliance visibility throughout R&D
  • Reduce time to generate documentation with batch reporting/template-driven capabilities
  • Reduce potential fines by automatically archiving all regulatory documentation and their distribution history
  • Integrate with updated Regulatory database

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