Managing food, beverage, and cosmetics product quality standards across product lines is a collaborative process that requires diligence and transparency within all product development, regulatory, and vendor processes.

Selerant’s Devex PLM system automates quality management as a shared initiative by integrating quality processes and data limits directly into ongoing product development procedures.

Devex supports quality managers and product developers in enforcing comprehensive quality standards by:

  • Integrating quality measures into each step of the product life cycle
  • Automatically tracking all product revisions and configuration history
  • Generating real-time views of product history, quality documents, workflows and resolution management steps.
  • Continually identifying and reducing quality issues throughout the product lifecycle
  • Reducing time-consuming, manual steps of comprehensive quality management reporting.


Integrate Quality Requirements at the Point of Innovation

Instead of monitoring product quality as a separate process, Devex includes critical quality attributes in the formulation creation process from the very start.

  • Use quality data fields and measures embedded directly in ingredient, formula, finished product, and packaging specification templates
  • Identify and change quality parameters on individual formulations and recipes and across product lines
  • List required quality testing benchmarks and capture product cuttings and sensory evaluations on product specifications to ensure product conformance
  • Continuously enforce CAPA and NCMR plans directly within product development steps

Empower Transparent Resolution Management

Devex continuously improves and reduces ongoing quality issues by:

  • Creating complete visibility across product lines and formulation
  • Linking quality issues to product documentation
  • Defining next steps for product execution

Create and Maintain Complete Product Records

Devex provides a real-time, continuous snapshot of product information, formulation history, and decisions across business units, including:

  • Formulations and product revisions and configuration history
  • Documentation of quality documents, workflows and resolution management
  • Insights into how quality metrics align with market trends and problem areas

Capture, Integrate, and Share Supplier and Manufacturing Standards

With Devex, directly see how supplier procedures meet or affect quality standards. Selerant’s Supplier Collaboration Portal gathers quality data during the procurement process by:

  • Using digital supplier questionnaires to communicate and enforce vendor quality requirements
  • Continually tracking how supplier goods and processes align with the manufacturer’s needs
  • Tracing quality issues to the point of supplier sourcing
  • Indicating testing requirements for multiple plants and manufacturing scenarios and include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) information
  • Triggering exceptions as they occur

Quality Management Features

Quality Data Product Templates

Quality data fields are embedded on ingredient, formulation, packaging specification and vendor information templates to enforce the capture of quality data at every step of product development.

Quality Approval Workflows

Loop quality managers into innovation and product development approval workflows to ensure that products don’t progress until they meet quality thresholds.

CAPA Management

LInk CAPA plans to quality records and auto-enforce plan execution within product workflows.

NCMR Reporting

Identify instances of nonconformancy and automatically generate NCMR documentation associated with product data.

Real-Time Data Traceability

Data transparency helps pinpoint the source of quality issue, down to the material and supplier level, across all global product and distribution lines for more rapid response.

Comprehensive Quality Records Management

In addition to CAPA and NCMR, Devex captures and facilities ECR, ECO, DMR, DHF records and tracks complaints and resolutions in the same space as product data.


Increase Internal Collaboration and Quality Data Sharing

By using a PLM system to facilitate quality management programs, Quality and R&D teams can directly collaborate on how product design meets quality requirements from the start and enforce quality data as a core component of product development documents, specifications, and workflows.

Reduce Time to Market and Product Launch

The ability to duplicate recipes, create multiple products from one formulation, and modify formulas for use in many different manufacturing scenarios creates a faster time-to-market for new product launch without sacrificing quality standards.

Identify and Resolve Product Inconsistencies Faster

By connecting quality standards and product history, a PLM system significantly speeds up problem identification and resolution. Comprehensive data traceability down to the substance level across all product lines, brands, ingredient types, vendors allows Quality groups to limit downtime and resources spent by uncovering issues in real-time, tracing them to the source, and understanding the enterprise-wide impact quickly.

Create Deeper Insights into Quality Standards

In Devex, the many different factors that affect product quality can be correlated across the enterprise and provide a snapshot of quality levels across business units and product development steps. Track complaints and issue resolution from completion, determine impact on quality changes across product lines and formulations, and identify changes across the business over time.

Reduce Technology and Infrastructure Costs

Instead of deploying a separate system for quality management, Devex can be used by both Product and Quality teams to manage their daily tasks and strategic initiatives, reducing redundant systems and data. With Devex, quality processes can be directly applied to internal workflows to control product quality across all markets, product types and countries.

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