Create, capture and share compliant product data across systems and business groups and automatically integrate it in your existing PLM processes.

Standardize Product Data Throughout the Product Life Cycle

Launching new products and maintaining quality assurance across global product lines requires accurate, compliant and accessible product data, on demand.

Selerant’s formula-based PLM system combines built-in product data management (PDM) tools with defined product development processes, enabling you to capture data and product files in proper, compliant formats from multiple sources in one centralized system and use that data through each stage of the product life cycle.

No more hunting down missing product information or time-consuming manual data work: a central product data repository gives full insight into process history and product data use across research and development, manufacturing, supply chain, labeling, quality assurance, regulatory groups and more. As products flow from ideation to specifications to material masters, Selerant’s product data management tools capture, standardize and synchronize data fields to your business’ compliance and quality assurance standards at every step.

Selerant’s PDM tools include standardized data fields for:

  • Original ideation
  • Product attributes
  • Vendor questionnaires
  • Experimental and approved Ingredients
  • Experimental and approved Formulas
  • Finished product materials
  • Packaging & shipping details
  • Material masters
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integrated costs and ERP data
  • Internal communication

Product data management ensures that accurate and accessible product data is created by and shared among all business users and product files at every stage of the product life cycle.


Use Configurable Specification Data Sets

Devex’s specification templates includes ready-to-use and configurable data fields for every type of data needed for product development, linking product details and documents to specifications and finished products in one system.

Use pre-built data fields for:

  • Raw material data
  • Formula data
  • Physical and chemical characteristics
  • Labeling and artwork
  • Legal and regulatory data
  • Product material characteristics
  • Supporting documents
  • Manufacturing instructions
  • Storage and handling
  • Marketing data
  • Technical data
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Use Configurable Specification Data Sets
Collect and Synchronize Supplier Data

Collect and Synchronize Supplier Data

Selerant’s Supplier Collaboration Portal reduces the burden of collecting and verifying data from suppliers and vendors. Supplier questionnaire templates cut down back-and-forth communication and help ensure you’re gathering accurate, compliant information from outside collaborators from the very start.

  • Use configurable supplier questionnaires that can be sent and processed digitally
  • Automatically populate supplier data into internal specifications data fields
  • Maintain all supplier communication in one place and link it to related product documentation
  • Customize supplier data fields according to compliance thresholds
Read more about collecting and utilizing supplier data with Selerant’s Supplier Collaboration Portal

Integrate Product Data Across Systems

Bring data created and stored in ERP, CRM and other legacy systems into PLM process and product data fields without manual data re-entry.

Use pre-built data fields for:

  • View cost data within PLM systems to inform product choices during research and development
  • Sync raw materials, finished or semi-finished formulas, cost details, specifications and more between ERP systems and PLM data fields
  • Integrate data from manufacturing systems into PLM templates
  • Reduce the cost and time of legacy data migration with PLM connectors
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Integrate Product Data Across Systems
Roll-Up Product Data

Roll-Up Product Data From Formulas to Finished Products

Create process-wide data accuracy by syncing data throughout product hierarchies.

  • Use roll-up calculations to create multi-assorted products using the same data
  • Link formula specifications to finished product and labeling specifications and material masters
  • Create new finished products from approved formulas and link them to Bill of Materials
  • Sync finished product data in product registration packets, expediting regulatory tasks

Facilitate Transparent Product Data Changes

Control who can modify product data fields and include approval steps within PLM processes, ensuring that data is reviewed and approved at each gate of the product life cycle.

  • Use version control to track changes to product data and get a full history of product updates
  • Pre-set approval prompts for product specifications, finished products and other stage gates
  • Use mass change tools to update product data when reformulating products across product lines
  • Quickly search and find product data across multi-assortment products and multiple product lines during traceability research


Facilitate Transparent Product Data Changes

Build Global Product Data Integrity

Behind-the-scenes PDM processes take the manual work out of updating and maintaining data as products evolve.

Product Data Migration

  • Establish consistency among disparate systems and data flows
  • Use built-in integrative connectors to expedite legacy data migration into current PLM systems
  • Sync formats between ERP, CRM and PLM data fields
  • Automatically input supplier data into internal specifications

Product Data Cleansing

  • Automatically detect and correct inaccurate or incomplete data fields across product data specifications
  • Apply were-used & mass replace tools to reduce manual data re-entry and errors
  • Find and eliminate duplicate data entries

Product Data Synchronization

  • Format information from multiple sources into consistent and compliant data structures within your PLM system
  • Automatically input supplier data into product formulas and specifications
  • Automatically reformat data fields during the labeling phase for country-specific regulatory formats

Product Data Governance

  • Define and maintain processes for high quality data
  • Create defined owners of data groups within the PLM database
  • Combine approved data multiple groups into one central PLM system

Better Data, Better Process Efficiency

Accurate product data brings consistency to your product development and distribution processes. Benefits include:

  • More accurate finished products and material master documents
  • Faster time to market due to less time-consuming data management
  • Simplified collaboration between business units, suppliers and regulatory groups with instant access to product data, status and calculations
  • Controlled product data approvals and improved quality assurance
  • Reliable, compliant master data in proper regulatory formats
  • Streamlined product registration with regulatory bodies
  • More reliable and accurate reporting

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