PLM Powered by the Experts

Selerant Managed Services can implement, host and manage your PLM solution as an alternative to on-premise deployment. You’ll get technical expertise and highly secure multi-tenant hosting at our SSAE-16 certified worldwide hosting facilities, as delivered by experts in the operational needs of process-based industries who also understand the formulation and specification process from beginning to end.

Focus on Product Development, Not Product Configuration

By deploying Devex through Selerant Managed Services, your company can completely focus on delivering the value to your PLM investment to your business—and ease the burden of managing a PLM system from your internal staff. Spend more time on product development and formulation design, and let the PLM experts optimize your system for formula-based product management. Selerant Managed Services enable you to:

  • Reduce implementation time and system learning curves to get up and running quickly
  • Focus on benefits, not back-end system design
  • Ensure continual PLM system performance
  • Receive ongoing support and updates that evolve with the needs of your business and product lines

Selerant uses state-of-the-art SSAE 16 certified data centers worldwide to host your Devex Installation on a highly secure multi-tenant hosting basis.

Selerant Managed Services include the following:


  • Installation of Devex patches and OS patches and upgrades


  • Setup of backup/restore procedures with  daily offline backup to SAN

Hardware Monitoring

  • Management of all hardware support calls with hardware/infrastructure vendor support

Network Operations & Monitoring

  • Proactive performance monitoring and alerts (CPU, RAM)
  • Network operations and monitoring
  • Session monitoring

Database Management

  • Database statistics management
  • Continuous monitoring of database availability
  • Storage space / table space management
  • Session monitoring


  • Proactive performance monitoring and alerts
  • Continuous monitoring of the system via automated service
  • Optional 24x7 support
  • 4-hour response time to system problems during business hours


  • Efficient System Design

    Allow our experts to design your product data, specification templates and more to meet your specific business structure. Draw from a deep wealth of system implementation, industry knowledge and best practices to reduce implementation time and costs and get your PLM system up and running quickly.

  • Expedited Research and Development

    With the best solution in hand, your product development teams won’t need to spend time learning how to use another new system to track product prototypes and final formulations—and can keep their focus solely on innovation tasks.

  • Create Optimal Compliance Environment

    Provide your business and IT teams with all the reporting they need to quickly monitor compliance across product lines within the system. High-quality performance monitoring means you’ll have a database that can be continually auditing and optimized for data tracking and monitoring.

  • Proactive Maintenance

    Don’t just keep things running, keep them optimized. Selerant’s professional services team will make sure your PLM use evolves with you as your business environment and industry demands change your product development process. Plus, you’ll receive the support from the same implementation partner, eliminating downtime in services and requested changes.

  • Flexible, Scalable and Transitionable

    With Devex Managed Services, you have the flexibility to scale your system from a base deployment to an enterprise-wide deployment. You also have the flexibility to easily transition your hosted PLM system to an on-premise deployment as your needs and IT strategy change.