Synchronize Formula-Based PLM and ERP Data with Selerant’s Devex PLM

Turn product information into actionable ERP data by automating the creation, use and formatting of material data, formulas, product specifications, cost information and more between Selerant’s Devex PLM and your ERP system.

Why Integrate ERP and PLM Systems?

Your R&D department needs real-time access to complete product and cost data from multiple systems for efficient product development, but compiling accurate forecasts means searching through information the CRM system, looking up master metadata and SKU codes in an ERP system and then cross-referencing product data siloed in your PLM system.

Without a connection between PLM processes and ERP data, R&D departments spend much time on:

  • Fixing manual data re-entry and data entry errors
  • Chasing delays in recipe development, activation and manufacturing
  • Working with inaccurate product forecasting
  • Updating incomplete specifications and material masters

For the product life cycle to flow efficiently, you need a powerful connection between the data that is decentralized between your ERP system and PLM system.

Benefits of Selerant’s Devex PLM-ERP Integration

Control recipe development and activation with a complete PLM-ERP integration using Selerant's Devex.

Integrating Selerant's Devex PLM system with your ERP system enables you to formula-based business processes to the financial data you need for proper recipe development, testing and approval.

Selerant’s ERP integration tools standardize data sharing between systems that use disparate coding methods and data formats, ensuring that the most comprehensive and accurate data is available at every step product development, including formulations, specification and material master creation.

Selerant maps data and creates related objects between Devex PLM and your ERP system

Product and process information, once written in PLM, flow into ERP system to enable enterprise-wide processes and create a complete, accurate product database in your ERP system.

Selerant's Devex PLM works in lock-step with your ERP system to:

  • Store product iterations in your PLM system
  • Synchronize data for finished products in your ERP system
  • Complete more accurate product testing by importing ERP data during raw material development
  • Ensure that finished product data is shared consistently across systems
  • Kick off manufacturing processes right when material masters are created
  • Push approved recipe data into and translated for your ERP system
  • Directly create material masters from your PLM system in your ERP system and more quickly initiate manufacturing processes by keeping materials, classification, documents and BOM in place
  • Use simplified mass import/export with no coding
  • Achieve customizable PLM integration with Oracle SAP

Key Benefits

  • Streamline product data management from project planning to manufacturing
  • Send product data and status changes into your ERP system as they occur
  • Reduce manual data entry and data errors
  • Work with and translate multiple code formats
  • Synchronize material creation
  • Perform real-time cost and compliance analysis and batch testing
  • Get direct access to updated material costs and product attribute data sets created and stored across the organization
  • Easily determine if trial formulations meet target costs and performance metrics

Selerant PLM-ERP Integration Features

Devex PLM offers three types of ERP integration:

  • Mass import/export for basic data migration with the DevEX Open Connector
  • Continual data synchronization with Devex Enterprise Connector
  • Enterprise-wide integration with the Devex SAP Connector

No matter your technology budget, back-office operations or IT resources, you’ll get a method for using the Devex system hand-in-hand with your ERP system.

Mass ERP data transfer with the Devex Open Connector

For simplified data transfers, Devex’s formula based PLM systems comes with the Devex Open Connector, a built-in mass import/export tool that is ideal for transferring large amounts of legacy data into a new PLM or ERP system or performing a one-time import of data sets.

The Open Connector eliminates the need to manually re-enter data during transfer and properly formats unstructured data to make it compatible with your target system.


  • Facilitates one-time imports of standard data, such as cost information
  • Transfers and reformats large amounts of data from legacy systems
  • Helps integrate data from multiple systems using one standardized tool
  • Requires minimal custom business logic
  • Does not require additional user licenses or software
  • Uses native SQL database technology

Continual ERP data maintenance with the Devex Enterprise SOA Connector

For companies that need real-time data updates for multiple processes, the Enterprise SOA Connector offers more complex product information management between your PLM and ERP data records.

Using layer of web services and middleware, the Enterprise SOA Connector can facilitate either a synchronous or asynchronous communication between your ERP system and your PLM business logic.


  • Transfers and synchronizes in real time master data from one system to another.
  • Properly formats critical product data formats between systems, ensuring that calculations for trace substances, weight, cost and other properties are accurate no matter where the data is created in your organization.
  • Automatically transfers raw materials, finished or semi-finished formulas, cost details, specifications and more between systems on an ongoing basis
  • Provides flexible business logic to work with your company’s specific processes and data formats

SAP PLM integration with the Devex SAP Connector

Connect directly to you SAP database using the Devex SAP Connector. Using middleware, the SAP Connector translates your PLM data and provides a direct relationship between your PLM materials and SAP material masters, specifications, vendor and customer information and supporting documentation.


  • Connect complex product workflows between your SAP system and Devex PLM system.
  • Imports and exports standard business objects in SAP
  • Automatically maps PLM objects into SAP data fields
  • Connects complex workflows and triggers between PLM and SAP systems using flexible business logic
  • Enables robust error handling and event logging

Get Started with Devex PLM-ERP Integration

Seamlessly link your ERP data to your formula-based product lifecycle processes today with Devex's ERP integration.

Connecting the R&D Data Dots: Three Ways to Integrate Your ERP System with Selerant’s Formula-Based PLM System Devex