Devex product lifecycle management (PLM) software provides the right data to the right people to help make the right decisions at every stage of the idea-to-launch process

Devex PLM software controls critical product data, providing security with instant accessibility

The amount of data created throughout the product life cycle is staggering. Without a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management system to control and manage it, data builds up in silos, stored in disconnected tools, spreadsheets, and folders owned by segregated teams. From initial research and development, through formulation, regulatory and compliance, packaging, marketing, and distribution, it becomes difficult to maintain visibility, accuracy and traceability of all relevant product data – and keep it available to every involved user and stakeholder.

Teams require easy, secure access to the information they need in order to make timely decisions about the product roadmap. Devex PLM software keeps product information at the fingertips of the users who need it, when they need it, in a central, organized system. That means no more slowing down to search through emails and folders for the right information.

An integrated, GS1 compliant data provider – Export GS1 data to GDSN with the push of a button

When Devex is the central source of truth for PLM data across teams and processes, all it takes is the addition of our GS1/GDSN Export Module to prepare product information for export to your GDSN hub.

Save time with automatic GS1 data formatting

With the GS1/GDSN Export Module, Devex automatically translates existing product data into the correct GS1 compliant format. This saves hours every time new product data must be uploaded into GDSN, and again when product information changes.

Reduce opportunities for costly errors

Automatic generation and export of GS1 compliant data exports reduce human error. Mandatory allergen, nutritional, and ingredient information has already been entered into Devex by the product experts who create and manage the data. With the GS1/GDSN Export Module, there is no need to introduce risk by adding the tedious task of hunting for the appropriate information, adding it piece by piece to a spreadsheet, formatting it for upload, and exporting it to the GDSN via your chosen integration service.

Instead, the Devex GS1/GDSN Export Module translates, formats, and exports with the click of a button. Selerant is committed to efficient GS1 compliant information management, and we were formally designated a GS1-US certified solution partner in 2017.

In addition, Selerant’s Devex GS1/GDSN Export Module can be integrated quickly and seamlessly to the 1WorldSync GDSN-compliant data pool, offering an end-to-end flow of product data from Devex PLM to the number one GDSN data pool provider.

A GS1 data solution supported and maintained by Devex

When GS1 standards change, or when your Devex system requirements grow, GS1/GDSN Export Module updates are fully covered by your Devex support agreement. Devex customers remain with Selerant because of a proven commitment to provide clients with best practices and updates, at every stage of the PLM implementation journey.

Who uses Devex to keep product data and processes moving efficiently?

Formula-based product manufacturers can see significant efficiency and compliance boosts by implementing a secure, organized software system for storing, serving, and formatting product data.

In fact, longtime Devex clients include a roster of Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies across industries, ranging from food and beverages, to cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals. Many have been with Selerant since its inception 30 years ago.

Better product and portfolio decisions begin with data

Find out how Devex and the accompanying GS1/GDSN Export Module can make product data visible, accessible, and error-free.