Product Data Management

Data acts as the fuel for your New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) processes.  In the race to market, this fuel must be accurate, accessible, integrated and organized.

DevEX Product Data Management elevates visibility and traceability for all aspects of data:

  • Original Ideation
  • Product Requirements
  • Formulation and Trials
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Product and Packaging Specifications
  • Bill of Materials
  • Integrated costs, resources, and communication

85% of surveyed Selerant customers have seen a 41-60%  or higher improvement in traceability since using DevEX.


  • Reduce search time with an indexed central database
  • Improve productivity with instant access to data, status and calculations
  • Simplify manufacturing with comprehensive Bill of Materials by plant and language (200+)
  • Improve compliance with documented certifications/specifications for all ingredients (supplier and internal)

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