Efficiently implement smart management of cosmetic product data with Devex PLM for Cosmetics, a standard set of out-of-the-box PLM templates created specifically for cosmetics manufacturers’ NPDI needs.

Formula-Based PLM Configurations for Companies of Any Size

Devex offers easy-to-install and easy-to-use bundles of pre-configured product data, workflows and templates for each phase of New Product Development and Innovation (NPDI) for cosmetics brands.

Pre-built PLM templates can be implemented together to easily create a connected, streamlined cosmetics and beauty product lifecycle

Core templates for:
  • Ingredients Management
  • Formula Management
  • Packaging Management
  • Finished Product Management
  • Regulatory
Each bundle includes:
  • Pre-configured product data sets for physical and microbiological attributes
  • Material and specification templates that can be created and modified on the fly to a product’s exact specifications
  • Multiple business process workflows and status management options for material promotion and approval
  • Documentation, reports and more
  • Pre-configured security and defined user roles
  • Optional regulatory configurations for integrated compliance down to the substance level

Standardize Every Cosmetics New Product Introduction Phase

Create the exact list you need for product development, review and launch with configurable cosmetics module.

Flexible Ingredient Creation

Expedite new product ideation and testing with flexible templates that collect the exact data you need from the very start of formulation.

  • Use simple or complex ingredient data templates that collect cost BOM, physical, religious, regulatory, microbiological attributes and can be modified on the fly.
  • Use pre-set roles for R&D Technicians, R&D Managers, Packaging Managers, Marketing and Head of Marketing.
  • See the full history of approvals and the timeline of re-work and cycles of ingredient modifications.
  • Associate vendors to ingredients and create multiple facilities and vendor types for more integrated process management.

Devex Cosmetics Ingredients
Devex Cosmetics Product Formulation

Expedite Product Formulation

Quickly promote trial ingredients to activated formulas while initiating downstream details like claims, regulatory calculations, transportation information and more.

  • Automatically replace experimental or dismissed ingredients with approved ingredients within your trial formulas and use different versions of a basic formula as elements in many projects and different product variations.
  • Get pre-configured user roles for Product Managers, Product Development Managers, Ingredient Managers, Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Affairs Managers.
  • Add new test properties to trial formulas and setting predefined ranges, units of measure and values.
  • Mark formulas for specific claims, such as silicone-free, vegan, long-lasting, waterproof and more.
  • Use only the most recent ingredient, formula data, documents, reports in use for your active products.

Connect Cosmetics Packaging Management

Get 19 templates for different packaging types enable rapid, dynamic creation of many different product packaging scenarios.

  • Generate packaging data for different packaging requirements.
  • Connect numerous vendors to packaging materials.
  • Sync packaging data with finished products and formulas.
  • Use pre-configured security and system usage roles for R&D Technicians, R&D Managers, Packaging Managers, Marketing and Head of Marketing.

Devex Cosmetics Packaging Management
Devex Cosmetics Finished Product Management

Streamline Finished Product Management

Generate finished products, BOMs and labels directly from formula specifications to streamline product activation.

  • Synchronize product information across finished product materials, BOMs, and ingredient, formula and packaging materials.
  • Control and create INCI statements and automatically link them to labeling guidelines.
  • Create flat or multi-assortment BOMs with detailed reporting across the product life cycle.

Integrate Regulatory Compliance

Get pre-set fields for regulatory limits in each bundle, ensuring that product materials throughout the product life cycle meet compliance standards.

  • Test trial and approved formulas against GHS and other compliance calculations.
  • Automatically create safety data sheets (SDS) for selected countries that apply to your business.
  • Create INCI statements linked to product specifications.
Devex Cosmetics Regulatory Control

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