Standardizing the development of chemicals and paint products is a challenge. Every phase presents unique tests where requirements during the formulation stage differ and labeling demands vary between markets and from product to product. For manufacturers maintaining quality control and promoting supplier collaboration across every stage of the product innovation process is particularly demanding.

Devex PLM for Chemicals applies proven ready-to-use templates to bring new clarity to the traditionally complex process of new product development in the chemical industries.

Devex allows you to efficiently implement a smart management solution of product data. The standard set of out-of-the-box product lifecycle management (PLM) templates is the ideal PLM-software for each phase of new product development and innovation (NPDI) for brands producing specialty chemicals, inky, coatings, oils, lubricants and more.

Formula-Based PLM Configurations for Companies of Any Size

Devex for Chemicals offers easy-to-install and easy-to-use bundles of pre-configured product data, workflows and templates for physical and microbiological attributes. All material and specification templates can be created and modified on the fly to every product’s exact specification. This software includes multiple business process workflows, status management options for the promotion and approval of materials, as well as documentation and report options. Use the pre-configured security options and adapt the user roles to your company needs.

Core templates are available for:
  • Ingredient Management
  • Packaging Management
  • Formula Management
  • Finished Product Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
Each bundle includes:
  • Pre-configured product data sets
  • Material and specification templates
  • Business process workflows and status management options
  • Documentation, reports & more
  • Pre-configured security and defined user roles
  • Optional GHS Safety Data Sheet configurations by country
Template specializations for:
  • Specialty Chemicals (ink, oils and lubricants, plastic, rubber, and more)
  • Paint & Coatings

Standardize Every Phase of Product Development for Chemical and Paint Products

Customizing a PLM system for each business process involved in your product lifecycle – from managing ingredients to developing formulas and finished product specifications – can be time-consuming and expensive. Selerant’s Devex PLM for Chemicals offers the ideal pre-configured time- and cost-effective solution that can be customized to your special business needs.

Benefits of Devex PLM for Chemicals

Color Search

Create and save advanced searches by color and color depth.

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs with effective color management. Use decision tables and manufacturing costs with mass scale-up formulations.

Rapid prototyping

Reduce time-to-market with rapid prototyping tools.

Time Management

Reduce time-to market and meet your sample fulfilment timelines by leveraging the centralized formula database.


Simplify the generation of compliance documentation, the distribution log and automated archival in the product portfolio.


Increase your visibility with automated notifications, sample fulfillment tracking, customer feedback forms and improved collaboration using the supplier-vendor collaboration portal.

Safety Data Sheets

Easily generate comprehensive and globally compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels.


Meet your target faster by improving the workflow – from ingredient management to product introduction and beyond.

Regulatory Configurations

Calculate the content of VOC and WGK classification of mixtures, be compliant with different GHS-legislations in different countries, use the Poison Center Declaration and UFI function and automatically add dangerous goods transport information.

Core Templates

The recommended core templates can be used in each phase of  product development. It is possible to install them individually, or implement them together in order to quickly automate every step of the product lifecycle. The core templates have specifically been designed and developed to improve the management of production processes while meeting all regulatory needs of the chemicals industry.

Find an overview of the existing Devex for Chemicals core templates here:

1. Centralized Ingredient Management

Kick start your product development process with the core template for ingredient management. Guide, control and improve the workflow of gathering and promoting ingredient data for specialty chemicals, paint and ink products, coatings, oils and lubricants, plastic and rubber using a centralized ingredient management software. Accelerate the first steps in the product lifecycle by standardizing the ingredient data for new and existing products.

  • Choose ingredient data templates that include cost, physical & microbiological attributes
  • Use roll-up calculations of physical properties and density calculation (AWD approximation) to improve the product data accuracy
  • Auto-update product formulas and specifications when new ingredient properties are created, or existing ones are modified

2. Formula Creation, Activation & Management

Quickly move from trial formulas to accurate approved and activated formulas. Devex for Chemicals  includes standardized formula material data fields, specification template, status and approval workflows to accurately develop, manage trial and approved formulas.

  • Connect approved product ingredients to trial and activated recipes
  • Sync all data attributes automatically to complex formula calculations
  • Link formula specifications to trial or approved formulas
  • Use attribute sets or individual attributes required for calculations (e.g. density, Pigment Solids, Binder Solids, P/B ratio, PVC etc.)
  • View the history of formula changes and specifications
  • Use only the most recent ingredient, formula data, documents and reports in use for your active products

3. Centralized Packaging Management

Select templates for all needed product specific packaging types, keep complex packaging attributes, from weight and dimensions to shipping and material compositions, in just one place using Devex for Chemicals.

  • Use one system only to create multiple types of packages
  • Use template specifications for different packaging requirements and define what is visible in each packaging’s dynamic user form
  • Connect your vendors to packaging materials
  • Synchronize packaging data with finished products and formulas

4. Simplify the Finished Product Management

Connect all ingredients, formulas and packaging templates to streamline the finished product as well as labelling process of your products. Using the Finished Product Management template, you can manage simple lists of all packaging items and formulas, as well as a hierarchy of several products from consumer to shipping units.

  • Use attribute sets or individual attributes required for calculations (e.g. density, Pigment Solids, Binder Solids, P/B ratio, PVC etc.)
  • Synchronize detailed product information across finished products, bills of materials (BOMs), ingredients, formulations and packaging materials
  • Simply update product marketing, technical and packaging data
  • Manage marketing, technical and packaging data for finished products, all in one place

5. Regulatory Compliance for Product Introduction & Roadmap

Improve the compliance workflow by automating the accuracy of labeling, chemical parameters of all products as well as regulatory substance management. Use the pre-set fields for regulatory limits to ensure that all product materials throughout the product lifecycle meet the compliance standards.

  • Test trial and approved formulas against compliance calculations.
  • Use specialty chemicals specific features to calculate density using AWD (Average Weighted Density) approximation, Risk Assessment and Color Tests for the formula.
  • Use paint-specific features to calculate Total Wet Paint Volume, Total-, Volume-, Binder- and Pigment Solids, as well as the P/B ratio and PVC.
  • Create Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for selected countries that apply to your business.

Meet the Unique Needs of the Chemical Industry with Devex 

Simplify and standardize each phase of new product development and innovation (NPDI) for chemical, paint, ink and coating industry with Devex PLM. The software meets all special industry needs, offers optional regulatory configurations and technical safety data sheets, as well as features needed in this industry, including paint and coatings formulation templates and calculations.

Find an overview here:

1. VOC Content

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure and a low boiling point. According to the definition of the EU Directive 2004/42/CE, VOCs need to be limited in certain products such as paints in order to prevent and/or reduce air pollution.

Devex Baseline allows you to:

  • Calculate the content of VOC in % and g/L for the ready-to-use product
  • Print the relevant information both in label and in Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

2. GHS of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

Global Harmonized Systems (GHS) provides a basis for the harmonization of hazardous chemicals regulations worldwide. It addresses the classification of chemicals and proposes harmonized hazard communication elements, including product labels and Safety Data Sheets. Many countries have already implemented the GHS standard in their local regulations. Each country can apply the GHS standards in different ways.

Devex Baseline allows you to

  • Manage and be compliant with different GHS within different countries. Find an overview of which GHS are covered by Devex for Chemicals here.
  • Make use of an automated classification, labelling and Safety Data Sheet preparation process according to different GHS implementations worldwide.

3. German Water Hazard Class (WGK)

The German Water Hazard Class (WGK, German: Wassergefährdungsklasse) defines how hazardous a product is for waters. This classification is mandatory in Germany and can be calculated following a specific set of rules.

Devex Baseline allows you to

  • Calculate the WGK classification of mixtures.

4. Poison Center Declaration & UFI

Companies placing hazardous mixtures on the market in Europe need to follow their EU member state’s regulatory guidelines that are different in each country. In Italy for example it is necessary to notify the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità”.

Devex Baseline offers the following possibilities:

  • ISS Wizard for the declaration to the Italian Institute of Health (until Jan 2020)
  • INTCF module for the declaration to the Spanish National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences (until Jan 2020)
  • New EU Poison Centre Declaration and UFI (after January 2020). Find out more here.

5. Dangerous Goods Transport Information

With Devex Baseline for specialty chemicals, ink, paints, coatings, oils, lubricants and more it is also possible to include dangerous goods transportation information to all products.

Devex Baseline allows you to

  • Calculate the classification pursuant to transport regulations (ADR, IMDG and IATA) based on the GHS classification of your products
  • Automatically provide you a set of possible UN numbers for the product
  • Automatically provide you the required transport information based on the UN number, such as: Shipping name, packing group, hazard classes, subsidiary & environmental hazards, as well as special precautions for users according ADR, IMDG and IATA
  • Provide specific road transportation legislation for countries where ADR regulation is not in force to fulfill the SDS of extra-UE country authorities

6. Multimodal dangerous goods transport document

Selerant provides a specific functionality for the creation of transport document pursuant to ADR regulation (according Chapter 5.4), IMDG Code (Chapters 5.4.1 and 5.4.2) and IATA regulation (Section 8). The solution aims to create a transport documentation valid for multimodal transport and single transport modalities.

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