Leaders in the Food and Beverage industry rely upon Selerant’s tools to ensure their legacies and build future brand loyalty with increased quality, compliance and efficiency.

Selerant’s Devex PLM for the food and beverage industry, Compliance Cloud, and Ecodex sustainable design software provide a powerful comprehensive solution.

  • Devex PLM for food and beverages is a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise-level software solution that supports all critical aspects of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI). It promotes cross-team collaboration among groups like: Innovation, R&D, Regulatory Compliance, Quality and Packaging. Devex PLM is a single source of truth for process manufacturers seeking to enhance traceability and visibility into the product lifecycle as well as expedite products to global markets.
  • Selerant’s Compliance Cloud is a web-based regulatory compliance automation tool. An organized and structured database, the Compliance Cloud leverages cloud data intelligence to manage regulatory compliance and monitor food legislation in real time. Users can run quick compliance checks, receive email alerts with aggregate food news tailored to the user’s specific needs and receive early notification of regulation changes that affect product formulation.
  • Ecodex is Selerant’s eco-design software tool used to evaluate and understand the environmental impacts of products and packaging. Designed to be used by non-experts, it helps companies improve the sustainability of new products, or the existing portfolio. Ecodex also provides instant Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) results to successfully implement sustainable practices from product ideation, through development, manufacturing, and final use.

Selerant’s combined solutions equip Food and Beverage companies to increase agility, while ensuring compliance across multiple product lines worldwide.

“71% of surveyed Selerant customers improved formulation speed by 41-60% or more by using Devex.”


  • Streamline processes for effective collaboration across all teams (internal, supplier, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Reduce global compliance risks with integrated product requirements, development, specifications, and compliance features
  • Ensure compliance for all regions where the product is manufactured, distributed, and sold
  • Easily generate compliant labeling for new and existing products
  • Onboard and manage suppliers in a structured way
  • Increase visibility to product details for effective knowledge transfer
  • Increase brand value by defining corporate guidelines to analyze product formulations
  • Secure brand loyalty with first-to-market placement against competitors
  • Reduce costly recalls and product changes with defined standardized procedures
  • Reduce manufacturing costs with continual analysis of formulation costs
  • Receive continual updates on global food databases with the Compliance Cloud subscription service