Do you have to create Safety Data Sheets and print Hazard Labels?

hazex suite sds software

Hazex is a Selerant software solution that helps industries in providing compliant safety data sheets and hazard labels for their products.
If you manage dangerous substances and mixtures and/or sell them in your own country or abroad, you may need to create some documents to allow workers and emergency personnel to handle your chemical, compounds or mixtures in a safe & compliant manner. These safety data sheets have to be issued according to the current regulations: these regulations may vary from country to country.

New additional solution available for Microsoft NAV: Hazardous Substance Management NAV (HSM). HSM is certified for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (Navision). Thus it ensures the highest level of integration into the existing NAV solutions for the chemical industry, but is also used in combination with other ERP systems. Thanks to seamless integration many processes can be automatized.

Regulatory Specifications

  • REACH and 2015/830 regulations
  • CLP 1272/2008 and its ATPs
  • United States’ HazCom 2012
  • Chinese regulations GB/T 16483
  • Various GHS implementation such as: Canada WHMIS 2015, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Vietnam.
  • Labelling according to the aforementioned regulation
  • Specific product legislations, such as detergents, volatile organic compounds (VOC), flavors and fragrances.

Hazex Suite Application Fields


“Selerant Hazex is a SDS authoring software solution.  We do not collect or provide SDS data sheet information.”