GHS-based regulations are constantly evolving. To ensure EHS compliance, you need to adapt to changes at the local, regional, and global levels. Keep your safety data sheets and labels up to date and accurate with a comprehensive cloud solution.

How does it work?

Hazex Cloud’s SDS authoring tool retrieves hazardous substance information stored in its system to generate a compliant SDS or label. Each document meets the predefined structure that individual markets need based on their GHS implementations. The software leverages automation and consistent updates to keep you aligned with regulations across different regions and languages.

When your documentation is complete, streamlined communication and modern label creation features get the information to the stakeholders that need it. And unlike a printed SDS, documents shared through Hazex Cloud are always up to date.

Don’t let regulatory requirements consume valuable time and distract you from product development. Find out how Hazex Cloud can simplify your EHS compliance framework.

With Hazex Cloud you can:

  • Achieve more with automation
    Eliminate opportunities for error and save time on GHS regulatory calculations, SDS and label composition, certificate generation, and document distribution. Enhance productivity with batch operations.
  • Secure compliance with regular updates
    Hazex updates frequently to include the latest templates and regulatory amendments, while Selerant’s team of experts proactively tracks the evolving EHS landscape.
  • Streamline communication
    Automatically get the right SDS to the right people, communicate hazardous substance lifecycles, and generate comprehensive exposure scenarios.
  • Generate automatic translations
    Hazex Cloud empowers SDS generation in 47 different languages to meet the requirements of your target market.

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  • Integrate your ERP
    Synchronize material data, formulas, product specifications, regulatory information, and more between Hazex Cloud and ERP systems.
  • Benefit from cloud flexibility
    An SaaS model helps you minimize on-premises infrastructure to reduce costs, alleviate administrative burden, and enhance reliability.
  • Customize your experience
    Optimize your workflow by selecting only relevant regulations, then add additional regulations and services when you’re ready to expand to new markets.
  • Access industry-specific modules
    Leverage modules designed specifically for flavor and fragrances, detergents, and paint and coatings.