GHS ONU Management

ghs onu

Aimed to all the companies that need to automate the calculation of classification and labeling for those countries that use the GHS standard but have not implemented yet the system with a specific national regulation.

Technical specifications

  • Create and distribute safety data sheets consisting of 16 sections, in accordance with GHS standards
  • User friendly interface localized in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Chinese
  • Customize the safety data sheet layout (phrases, logos, company name, etc.)
  • Calculate the classification and labeling according to the current GHS standards
  • Advanced Search
  • Generate reports
  • Export and send of safety data sheets in MS Word, PDF, TXT, HTML formats

Regulatory specifications

Compliant with the recommendations of the GHS Purple Book of the United Nations and it is constantly updated with the new revisions.

“Selerant Hazex is a SDS authoring software solution.  We do not collect or provide SDS data sheet information.”