Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

Created by the United Nations, the Globally Harmonized System is an international agreement set up to standardize with consistent criteria the previous classifications and labeling standards used by different countries. A GHS compliant label is composed by some elements like pictograms, signal words and statements.

Hazex is a software solution that automates the calculation of classification and labeling according to different worldwide GHS standards.

GHS Covered by Hazex Software
  • GHS ONU (Fifth revision)
  • HazCOM 2012 – US GHS (according to the 29 CFR 1910.1200 regulation)
  • CLP Europe and its ATPs (according to the 1272/2008 regulation)
  • China (according to the GB30000.2-2013 ~ GB30000.29-2013, GB/T 16483-2008 and GB/T 17519-2013 regulation)
  • Canada (according to the Hazardous Products Regulation HPR, a.k.a. WHMIS 2015)
  • Malaysia (according to the P.U. (A) 310 regulation)
  • Brazil (according to the NBR 14725 regulation)
  • Mexico (according to the NMX-R-019-SCFI-2011 regulation)
  • Korea (according to the MoL Public Notice N.2013-37 regulation)
  • Singapore (according to the SS586 regulation)
  • Australia (according to the “work Health and Safety”, a.k.a. WHS regulation)
  • Japan (according to the JIS Z 7252:2014 and JIS Z 7253:2012 regulations)
  • Vietnam (according to the circular 04/2012/TT-BCT and the decree 108/2008/ND-CP, circular 28/2010/TT-BCT, Law n. 06/2007/QH12)

“Selerant Hazex is a SDS authoring software solution.  We do not collect or provide SDS data sheet information.”

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