This tool, part of the Hazex Suite, gives the possibility to issue complete and organized exposure scenarios for an easier information management and a greater readability for the user and for the customers who receive it.
The exposure scenarios are created with a step-by-step procedure that guides the user in adding information and allows him to keep all the necessary data in a centralized Hazex GHS/CLP database.

Technical Features

  • Easy creation of exposure scenarios for substances and mixtures from scratch
  • Available in all European languages
  • Possibility to create the exposure scenario in .xml and .doc format
  • Quick sending of the document via email
  • Document customization with custom data, phrases, logos and settings

Watch Selerant and Normachem discuss exposure scenarios

Regulatory Compliance

The tool enables you to be compliant with the provisions of REACH regarding the Exposure Scenarios, by conforming to the EsCom XML standard and the EuPhrac database of European phrases.

“Selerant HazEX is a SDS authoring software solution.  We do not collect or provide SDS data sheet information.”