Ecodex allows product developers to easily make a sustainability assessment of a product, based on the evaluation of carbon footprint, water use, energy use, land use and other criteria. It allows one to make early decisions and to compare alternate ingredients, packaging, manufacturing and sourcing scenarios.

In a recent survey, international accounting firm KPMG reported that 93% of the world’s largest 250 companies do not publish annual sustainability reports.

Source: KPMG


  • Collect internal, supplier and industry-standard lifecycle inventory data
  • Integrate lifecycle inventory data with ERP materials and experimental product data
  • Analyze all stages in the lifecycle of a product, from the agricultural raw-materials to the disposal of the product
  • Introduce environmental indicators from the early stage of product design, using a multi-criteria approach
  • Compare alternate scenarios through What If analysis
  • Make results understandable and easily accessible to all stakeholders (R&D scientists, LCA experts, managers, packaging engineers, procurement, etc.)