At Selerant, we have a team of multilanguage regulatory experts specialized in different areas of food legislation and focused on different markets - such as EU, US, China, India, Indonesia and many others.
We know that in a globalized world, food regulations still largely differ among countries and can potentially pose barriers to trade. Because we think globally, as you do, we can deliver services tailored to your needs and add value in each step of your value chain.

What can we do for you?

Our team of experts can look into a wide scope of questions your business will face. We will provide you guidance on how to place your product on a target market, how to manage compliant labeling, know whether your product needs pre-market approval or registration and which are the steps you need to fulfill.
We do regulatory analyses and reports, including interpretation of existing food legislation and how they affect your business.
At Selerant, we also closely monitor ongoing changes. We are passionate about the future and have an idea of how modern businesses should adapt to stay ahead of the competition.

Feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to share our expertise and support your business.

Let us give you an example

food regulatory consulting

A company has a formula of a ‘health food product’ in China, and would like to know if such a product could be sold as a “regular food” in Europe, US, India, or any other country.  We will prepare a detailed report for the compliance evaluation for each country.

food regulatory consulting

An EU-based company wants to start selling infant milk formula in Indonesia. We can provide the company with an Indonesian legislative structure for this particular product category and assist the company in being compliant with the country’s legislation.