The Compliance Cloud includes REGDATA®, a robust food regulatory database of continuously updated country-specific product attributes that enable your regulatory or quality teams to immediately assess the compliance viability of finished products.

Regulatory Database Country Coverage

REGDATA® Food Regulatory Database:

Access a robust food regulatory database that contains additives, flavoring substances, pesticides and more, across global regions.

  • Search and compare substance limits for a given product across multiple countries.
  • Ability to save your searches and share your evaluation report with your team.
  • Get results for all of the above in just a few clicks.

Access a Global Legislation Toolbox:

Provide your team with on-demand access to numerous country specific legislative frameworks in one place.

  • Get access to details and links to original source documents
  • Understand the legislative framework for a specific country
  • User friendly: easy to navigate, saving users time and improving efficiency
Global Legislation Image

Complete Instant Compliance Assessments

Use the Compliance Assessment tool to check regulatory limits for food additives or contaminants against your existing product attributes, closing the loop between regulatory needs and product innovation.

  • Perform go/no-go assessments on current and potential recipes and ingredients.
  • Traffic lights visually identify if product attributes meet compliance standards.
  • Understand how food additives and contaminant levels will affect finished product formula compliance during product innovation.