Key Features

food news monitoring system

How do you deal with the overload of information coming from the web?
Have you considered how much time you need to spend each day to keep up with the developments?
How do you single out quality from quantity?

The Food News Monitoring System is a tool that collects, classifies and organises food news that are necessary for the modern food professional.

It offers constant monitoring of International and National legislation sources, food safety authorities, research institutions, food business stakeholders, International and Intergovernmental organisations, visiting more than 1700 pages daily.

  • Create your own document repository, available exclusively for you with your subscriptions and copyrighted material.
  • Receive an email alert of regulatory, safety, scientific and business news right in your inbox.
  • The news you will receive have already been classified into topics using advanced Machine Learning Techniques.
  • News are reviewed by food scientist and regulatory experts to ensure relevancy and accuracy.


How can you save time on your daily monitoring activities?

food news monitoring system

Key Benefits

  • Monitor early warnings.
  • Receive ONLY the news that are relevant for you.
  • Save time from tedious but necessary tasks.
  • Translations and multi-language support.
  • Improve efficiency of organizations.
  • Accessible from everywhere! PC, Tablet, Smartphone.


The Dashboard

food news monitoring system control room

With the Food News Monitoring System Dashboard functionalities, you can:

  • Observe the current situation: see the data in a graphical way and get a quick idea on what the news are about in the markets you are interested in.
  • Analyse the trends: identify an emerging issues relevant to for your business.
  • Interact and customise: Create, Configure and Save your own Widgets with a few clicks. Adapt to your always-changing needs.
  • Situation room: Launch in Mission Control and keep a visual contact with the current news for you and your colleagues.
  • Take Action: react to an identified early warning before it becomes a problem for your business.