How your product "talks" to the consumers is not only a question of choice, it is also a legal requirement.

Which information is mandatory, what is voluntary?

Can you use claims?

Is nutritional information a must?

Different countries have different rules on what can and what cannot be placed on the label. Our team of multilingual experts compiles this information for you and creates precise, well-targeted and user-friendly labeling guidelines that you can use in your daily work.

Our experts make sure the answers to your labeling questions are just one click away.

food labeling

But, the story doesn’t end here.

At Selerant, we also provide you with automated label creation. You can generate Ingredient Lists, Nutritional Information, Claims, Allergen Warnings and other labeling information directly from your business Apps. By using our labeling solution, you can be confident to keep all your data centralized and easily convertible into compliant labels. Your product labels will stay uniform across the various marketing channels you use, from brick and mortar stores to online platforms.

With our labeling solution, you will be able to:

  • Bring together product information & labeling requirements to produce compliant label content.
  • Use the translation tool to generate multi-language labels.
  • Enable content sharing across multiple labels.
  • Trace how your labels have evolved and follow them through the different platforms  you use for product marketing.
  • Export your labeling content to graphic design tools.
  • Make sure your product labels are both compliant & beautiful.