To determine the compliance of new products or markets, regulatory experts must comb through endless online regulatory searches for the most updated documents and interpret regulation content. These time-consuming compliance reviews often don’t line up with marketing and product innovation timelines.

Selerant’s Compliance Assessment tool facilitates more immediate compliance checkpoints that help regulatory, marketing and product teams to improve speed to market by:

Assessing product compliance in target markets

Determine whether a product meets compliance requirements to be sold in specific markets and quickly demonstrate current compliance status to product developers, marketers, and other business partners.

Streamlining Collaboration Between Regulatory and Marketing Teams

Standardized compliance assessments across the entire product lifecycle assist regulatory experts in getting answers to the marketing team and quality experts faster during new product development.

Finding the Right Market Fit

Uncover compliance challenges of distributing products into a new or changing market and accurately assess opportunities for operational growth.

Use the Compliance Assessment tool to check regulatory limits for food additives or contaminants against your existing product attributes, closing the loop between regulatory needs and product innovation.

You can:

  • Perform go/no-go assessments on current and potential recipes and ingredients.
  • Use traffic lights to visually identify if product attributes meet compliance standards.
  • Understand how food additives and contaminant levels will affect finished product formula compliance during product innovation.