Business Process Integration

Regulatory Compliance is paramount along the entire Value Chain. If implemented correctly, it is integral part of your food business.

Value is added when you are able to access necessary data instantly, along the entire value chain. By doing this, you ensure conformity and reduce business risks.

Each system has its own unique function. The key is to make it work as a comprehensive unit driving your Value Chain.  No matter which business apps you use, they will need a common fuel to deliver accuracy, efficiency and results. Your business apps should integrate with continually evolving data and latest trends to provide compliant and sustainable products. This is why we have made Food Compliance Cloud easily accessible and integrated through standardized APIs (Application Programming Interface).

No matter which engine you use to run your business, it can run on our fuel


sap integration

Compliance Cloud is connected to SAP® thanks to our great alliance with GRAMONT, an official SAP partner that offers best-in-class services in the area of SAP Product Life Cycle Management across all process and discrete industries.

We have out of the box tools and extended expertise to deliver solutions in the area of Regulatory Compliance.

With SAP based solutions powered by Compliance Cloud, users can perform compliance check using official legislation rules, limits and lists but also create their internal private guidelines and requirements to be used for compliance check.

We leverage various SAP technologies platforms such as Recipe Development, PLM HANA, TREX on Hana, FIori Applications, SAP EHS and more.