Why Integrate Regulatory Data Into Your PLM or ERP?

Food and beverage companies deal with constant regulatory changes across different countries with different legislation framework challenges.

Regulatory compliance data is a crucial and integral part of your business process. R&D, Regulatory and Quality experts often struggle with slow and inefficient decision making and access relevant compliance information while they are in different stages of the product development process.

Companies need a solution that connects all product governance and compliance data in a single database with your product development system.

Companies that cannot manage product compliance across the range of regulatory bodies encounter costly business interruptions such as product redesigns, delayed market launches, product returns and recalls.

Compliance Cloud integrated Solution with Selerant PLM, Devex

In Selerant's Compliance Cloud, our food global regulatory database can be easily integrated with our Devex PLM system in order to provide an easy, efficient and automated way to compare your product formula against regulatory requirements for multiple markets.
With the Compliance Cloud's data integrated with Devex PLM, you will be able to:

  • Access global regulatory information faster
  • Analyze product requirements for additives and contaminants for multiple markets
  • Manage changes in composition of your formula based on user friendly compliance assessment
  • Provide auditors with accurate and transparent data
  • Decrease product and operations cost
  • Design more-compliant and lower-cost products
  • Improve risk/return profile

SAP integration

The Compliance Cloud can also be connected to SAP ® thanks to our great alliance with GRAMONT, an official SAP partner that offers best-in-class services in the area of SAP Product Life Cycle Management across all process and discrete industries.

We offer out-of-the-box tools and extended expertise to deliver solutions in the area of regulatory compliance.

With SAP-based solutions powered by the Compliance Cloud, users can not only perform compliance checks using official legislation rules, but also use limits and lists to create their internal private guidelines and requirements to be used for compliance checks.