To see and minimize compliance risk in product portfolios, regulatory experts at food manufacturers have to navigate an incredible amount of product data, requirements from numerous regulatory bodies and ever-changing global legislation.

Doing manual compliance assessments across multiple global markets, product lines, and regulatory environments isn’t just time-consuming--it’s often inefficient.

With the Compliance Cloud, users can access one web-based structured regulatory database to manage ongoing compliance checks, monitor changing food laws, and ensure products remain compliant and competitive in every market. The Compliance Cloud is an easy-to-adopt subscription-based tool with no hardware. It is accessible from everywhere.

Compliance Cloud Modules

The Compliance Cloud has two main modules; REGDATA® and the Food News Monitoring System (FNMS) plus the Food Law Library (FLL). With on-demand cloud access to compliance information, regulatory teams can respond to inquiries from across the business in a timelier manner.

REGDATA® Food Regulatory Database

Access a robust food regulatory database that contains additives, flavoring substances, pesticides and contaminants limits across global regions.

Food News Monitoring System/Food Law Library

Get international food legislative documents and news in a single place, and receive email alerts of changing regulations for the markets that directly impact your distribution.


  • Send Products to New Markets Faster

    Check how regulatory limits will affect new and current formulations and distribution in new markets and tighten collaboration between marketing, product innovation and regulatory groups.

  • Expedite Compliance Checks

    Perform fast go/no-go assessments on materials, ingredients and recipes and get products to market faster. Connect formulation details to global compliance requirements so your regulatory team can work on the same timelines as your product developers.

  • Reduce Time Spent on Manual Regulatory Research

    Eliminate the time and effort your regulatory team spends tracking down regulatory laws, news and ingredient requirements and empower them with tools that speed up the process and accuracy of compliance assessments.

  • Proactively Manage Changing Regulatory Impacts

    With access to the most current regulatory news and legislation changes, manufacturers can anticipate how upcoming actions by governmental bodies will impact their product portfolio and make proactive changes to product development, quality, and supply chain processes.

  • Find the Right Market Fit

    Uncover compliance challenges of distributing products into a new or changing market and accurately assess opportunities for operational growth.

  • Reduce Regulatory Delays

    Prevent regulatory issues at later stages of product distribution with more in-depth, accurate assessments that accurately reflect product components and specifications.

  • Seamlessly Integrate Legacy Data

    Transfer data from ERP and PLM systems and integrate with Devex, Selerant’s formula-based PLM solution, to create an accurate snapshot of compliance cross systems and business units.

  • Get Global Consulting with RSA Experts

    Work with Selerant’s global regulatory experts to update business processes that streamline compliance and ensure products are developed and distributed with regulatory limits from the start.