Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM software allows you to manage and control New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) processes.

DevEX PLM is unique in its design, creation, implementation and maintenance.

  • Highest number of dedicated PLM resources
  • Pioneers of PLM development (began in 1990 before PLM was even a term)
  • Solely developed for formula-based manufacturing
  • 2x industry standard  reinvestment in new technology, not new acquisitions
  • Consistently recognized as leader in formulation and regulatory solutions
  • Most configurable software for a customized solution

“We used a combination of systems. DevEX is a very powerful piece of software that changed everything about how we manage both Formulas, and Quality information.

From a day-to-day user standpoint, the biggest improvement comes from the data management and integration. Every year the amount of information that must be managed and connected grows.

The linking of all these pieces in a user friendly format is what offers the efficiency we needed and advantage over other systems.”

Vice President, Large Enterprise Beverage Company


Surveyed Selerant customers estimated the ROI for using DevEX to manage their New Product Development and Introduction.

Of those surveyed, the majority saw an improvement of 41% or greater.

  • 81% Collaboration
  • 88% Visibility
  • 85% Traceability
  • 81% Usability
  • 100% Vendor Management


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