Do you have to create Safety Data Sheets and print Hazard Labels?

hazex suite sds software

HazEX is a Selerant software solution that helps industries in providing compliant safety data sheets and hazard labels for their products.
If you manage dangerous substances and mixtures and/or sell them in your own country or abroad, you may need to create some documents to allow workers and emergency personnel to handle your chemical, compounds or mixtures in a safe & compliant manner. These safety data sheets have to be issued according to the current regulations: these regulations may vary from country to country.

Regulatory Specifications

  • REACH and 2015/830 regulations
  • CLP 1272/2008 and its ATPs
  • United States’ HazCom 2012
  • Chinese regulations GB/T 16483
  • Various GHS implementation such as: Canada WHMIS 2015, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Vietnam.
  • Labelling according to the aforementioned regulation
  • Specific product legislations, such as detergents, volatile organic compounds (VOC), flavors and fragrances.

HazEX Suite Application Fields

“Selerant HazEX is a SDS authoring software solution.  We do not collect or provide SDS data sheet information.”

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